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SRT began 20 years ago as a company called Spa Comforts, primarily sewing goods for high end spas. The company was created with the main goal to create a future for South African sewers and South African textile development.

Spa Comforts was bought by Grant Mills and Steve Elmes and the company name was changed to match their sister company Service Royale Hygiene Specialists. SRT has developed into not only sewing high end spa goods but developing a range of products, from isolation gowns to kite surfing bags to the dresses you buy in stores such as Truworths.

With our dedicated team of sewers, we have accomplished much to be proud about and continue to do our best to grow South African textile development.

Heads on

Service Royale Textiles uses all its experience, know-how and intelligence to create smart solutions with real added value. SRT brings together the best talents in the market and urges them to come up with the smartest solutions the world of fabrics has to offer.

Hearts On

Service Royale Textiles are genuinely passionate about delivering high-end fabrics that meet customers’ highest requirements. At SRT we have a genuine passion for inspiring people with innovative, exclusive and amazing fabrics.

Hands On

Service Royale Textiles tackles each challenge directly and gets the job done ensuring maximum customer satisfaction. SRT loves to approach challenges with a ‘can do’ attitude that helps its customers to effectively move forward.

Be one

Service Royale Textiles welcomes its customers, employees and partners into a world of fabrics that is all about professionalism, fun and success. SRT wants to bring inspiration and create genuine value for everybody with a passion for fabrics.

Service Royale


Durban: 032 586 0783

Gauteng: 011 466 6435

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